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Workbooks and Links

At Hunter Psychological Services, we recognise the expense of attending treatment and that not everyone can afford it, or if their struggles aren't intensely impairing, they may struggle to justify one on one treatment. Whilst we would love for everybody to have access to treatment regardless of the justification, we understand our services can be expensive as we spend a long time training and learning how to be the best clinicians we can be for our clients. Therefore, all of the content that we have developed for our groups, and the websites that clinicians regularly recommend have been added here to allow people to engage in self-help that is evidence-based. Research has shown that any intervention is better than no intervention, which includes further exploring your mental health and possible options for improving things by yourself. 


The link below is by far one of the most comprehensive collections of self-help and general resources that any of the clinicians at HPS have seen. There is also a section for helping yourself, as well as helping others. This website is a government-run centre in Western Australia and is seen posted worldwide in all types of forums.


10 week CBT Group Workbook 

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