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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Group

Hunter Psychological Services has seen and heard the increased need for support for mental health struggles in the community and is aware of the shortage of Psychologists Australia-wide. In order to provide more services for a cheaper price to those that need help, Hunter Psychological Services has decided to begin running different types and increased frequency of groups. There are a range of therapy types that work well in a group setting, one being Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).


This page provides a bit of information about CBT and the specific Hunter Psychological Services CBT group. At the bottom, you can submit a form to express interest if you are wanting to sign up.


What is CBT?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is the combination of cognitive therapy, which is related to how your thoughts impact you feelings, and behaviour therapy, how your behaviours impact on your feelings. The “father” of CBT, Aaron Beck, realised that thoughts, behaviours, and feelings are not separate and they in fact all interact with each other in complex ways to create our daily experiences. He realised that focusing on thoughts or behaviours alone is not enough and therefore developed CBT, a therapeutic technique that investigates how your unhelpful thinking styles impact on your emotions and behaviours and how maladaptive behaviours impact on your thoughts and emotions.

CBT @ Hunter Psychological Services

In the CBT group at Hunter Psychological Services, you will spend the first week discussing and understanding this complex relationship, and then the following 9 weeks will focus on two main tools that can get you thinking and behaving in ways that are more positive for your emotional experience. Your new thoughts and behaviours will be aimed toward a different area of life each week to ensure your whole life experience is improved over the 10 weeks that we are together.  We aim to have you experiencing more helpful thinking and adaptive behaviours at the end of the group, with the opportunity to share and hear your experience and other group members’ experiences.


Groups are a great opportunity to receive weekly, regular support from a fully qualified psychologist at a more manageable cost, as well as getting to meet other people that might be struggling with similar issues to you. The next CBT group will be run via Telehealth, meaning the group will be done virtually. If you are interested in signing up, please complete the expression of interest below and our reception team will contact you as soon as possible.

Group Enquiries

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