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Depression is The Devil's Snare of Emotions

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

When you have depression, nothing makes sense anymore. You logically know there are things that are helpful behaviours, but you don't do them. Why? Because when you do, you feel no pleasure or motivation. An empty void.


Human's aren't very good at knowing what they've got until it's gone.


People don't realise that simple tasks are only done because they have some meaning, are motivating, or give us a small amount of pleasure. You do the dishes and you can relax knowing there are no dishes in the sink. You take the dog for a walk and you feel good that he is happy. You have a shower and are relieved for the fact that you don't stink anymore (to yourself or others!). All things are done for a purpose, take that away and the most obviously helpful things are no longer helpful.

Depression is like the tendrils of The Devil's Snare off Harry Potter. The more you struggle against it, the tighter it seems to hold on. Often, if you relax into the depression, let yourself feel it. That doesn't mean stop doing anything, just go through the motions and relax your mind.

As with The Devil's Snare, relaxing is not the only answer, you may not always be able to relax. You may be gripped with the fear of losing everything if you relax, so every now and then someone else needs to expose the Devil's Snare to sunlight. We are all, from time to time, Ron

Weasley, struggling against our mental health instead of relaxing and acting on the behaviours we know are helpful even though they feel utterly pointless. Similar to us all being Ron Weasley at times, we also need our Hermione Granger. Loved ones will beg you to relax and you may continue to struggle, however, eventually, you will either relax for yourself, or Hermione will shine some light and help you out.


Emotions come and go like waves. Nothing is forever in this life.

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