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Meaningful Maidens

A message from the facilitator, owner of the clinic, and similarly uncertain individual, Viki:

Woman in Field

Adolescence is hard enough as it is. With the big feelings and other ruthless teens, you feel like you don't know yourself anymore and the world is suddenly somehow different in ways you can't describe.


This is long but try to read through to the end! In case you can't though...


Tldr; Adolescence is hard af, other kids can be rough, you need it though. You need both the role models and the baddies in your life to learn about you. I try to help teens through this with a cool group. Write something (literally anything) in the contact box below and hit submit. I'll get in touch to try and help, even if not for therapy but resources or whatever you need.

Anyway, back to the long (but in my opinion good) version.


Therapy for adolescents is often about helping you to survive and that's perfectly okay because being a teenager is hard, one of the hardest things you may ever do. But, you learn so much about yourself and others that you couldn't do life without it (even if you don't know or think that yet). Just because you have to do it, doesn't mean you have to go through it alone though. There are other people your age that are struggling with similar things, as well as people that really want to help.

I work with adolescent girls as one of my areas of interest. I, believe it or not, was once an unruly adolescent just like you and had role models that I wish everyone could have. I also had people in my life that weren't good for me but I see now that I needed those people as well as the helpful ones to learn and be who I am. 

I want to help you learn how to lean on your role models while navigating the people that aren't helpful. I want to help you to understand yourself. Back when I was an undergraduate "fledgling" I did some group work with teen girls that I really valued and enjoyed more than words can describe. I've tried to take the essence of that and I made "Meaningful Maidens". I want to teach girls how to do the things they feel so lost in and how to be the person they want to be, be true maidens who can be their own person, and bring meaning to this world. (I hold a lot of hope, as you can see. Dream big or go home, right?)

There is some information on the group below. Or, if you have heard enough, go ahead and send us an enquiry below and we can let you know some more information.


Also, if you're needing some support, please reach out. Even if you aren't sure where you are going, what you're doing, or what you're asking me for, write something, even just your name and hit the submit button. I try to get back to every enquiry because I know how intense it feels when you're a teenager and trying to find help.

Group Information

Meaningful Maidens is a 10-week group that runs in the afternoons (typically after school around 4-5.30. The essence of the group is to meet other girls that are struggling with similar things to you and get some support and cool ideas on how they get through. Myself and the co-facilitators try to help with this by giving some structure around the group, topics and tools/tips.


Each week we'll cover topics such as

  • managing your relationships (not just a partner but also friendships, bullies, and the people that are a wolf in sheep's clothing),

  • how to stay safe and healthy (meaning sexual health, safe substance use, but also keeping your body and mind healthy)

  • what does your future look like (going to university? TAFE? Not sure what is happening or even what day it is tomorrow/today? We got this.)

Work Desk

Each week will be a different topic that has been chosen based on what teens have told me they struggle with. The whole way through the focus will be on how to get you through these struggles while building meaning and purpose into your life. The goal? Thrive, not just survive (remember, dream big).

If you have gotten all the way through this, firstly goodness, kudos. But also, you will see below there is an enquiry box. If you want some information, or to sign up, or even for us to ring mum or dad and let them know how cool the group is and the fact that you are interested and really want to do it, fill the form out and send it in. Thanks for reading!

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